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Avanta Clinics of Esthetic Cosmetology
Armenia,Yerevan, 15 Hr. Qochar, 5 Zakyan, 14 Mashtoc, 8 Isahakyan, 4 G. Njdeh
Telephones: +374-10-262299, 521195, 536891, 528434, 461282
Fax: +374-10 521195

History: The Clinics of Esthetic Cosmetology and Advanced Dentistry Medical Centers, “Avanta” , approach to solutions for patients’ complex problems in providing efficient and noticeable results:
The newest laser equipment of cosmetology offices
Wide choice of medical preparations for injections
The preparations for contour plastic
Variety of medical cosmetic lines for the skin care of face and body
Technological availability
Use of the modern and innovative techniques in dentistry
Highly skilled experts at our centers
All this allows us to find the individual means and techniques of medical treatment for the best results of perfect image creation. The experts of our clinics are assured that it is never early nor late to improve your appearance. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of beauty and health services, which include the entire resources of modern cosmetology and advansed dentistry.
Clinic Of Modern Aesthetic Cosmetology “Avanta”


Services : The Clinics For Advanced Cosmetology & Implantology

Laser cosmetology

In “AVANTA” Clinic for each laser cosmetology procedure is used the most suitable kind of laser that allows to reach the best results.
- Laser Skin Rejuvenation
- Laser Hair Removal
- Laser Tatoo Removal and much more
- Laser Polishing (removal of scars, wrinkles, nevus pigmentosis)
- Laser removal of benign neoformations, such as papillomas, keratoma, birthmarks, warts, etc.
- Acne treatment, etc.

Hardware cosmetology

The hardware cosmetology provides: Local blood circulation activation
Deposits fat and cellulite disposal
Desired face and body contour’s formation
Muscular activaty stimulation and much more
- Ultrasonic therapy
- Vacuum massage
- Lymphatic drainage massage
- Miostimulation
- Electroepilation

Radio-wave Micro surgery

- Removal of skin benign neoformations
- Papillomas
- Keratoma
- Warts
- Birthmarks
- Scarring
- Atheromas
- Xanthoma

Dermatological department

- Treatment of skin diseases such as:
- Acne
- Dermatitis
- Demodicidosis
- Carbuncle
- Contagious molluscum
- Vitriol
- Lichen
- Dermatomycosis
- Rosacea
- Seborrhea
- Streptococcal impetigo
- Furunculosis
- Itch
- Sharp eczema
- Dysbacteriosis
- Herpes
- Vitiligo
- Melasma
- Vitiligo NEW
- Alopecia NEW
- Cellulitis

Therapeutic procedures

- Professional skin care, application of the most effective modern safe techniques of rejuvenation will allow you to forget about your age for many years.

- Mechanical peeling
- Biophitopeeling
- All kinds of chemical peelings
- Superficial (within an epidermis horn layer)
- Median (to basal membranes)
- Deep (to the papillary of derm layer)
- Mesopeeling
- Professional dermatological and home care of your skin

Spa procedures

- Infra-red sauna NEW
- All kinds of wrappings
- Relaxing chocolate massage NEW
- Aromatherapy
- Thalassotherapy NEW
- Stonetherapy
- Body peeling
- Solarium

Injection cosmetology procedures

Injection techniques influence the skin strongly than therapeutic which allows reaching considerable effect in a short space of time. Some techniques, for example, an outline plasty, cardinally change your look.

- Mesotherapy
- Mezodissolution
- Biorevitalization
- Botox, Dysport
- Outline plasty


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