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Avanta Clinics of Esthetic Cosmetology
Armenia,Yerevan, 15 Hr. Qochar, 5 Zakyan, 14 Mashtoc, 8 Isahakyan, 4 G. Njdeh
Telephones: +374-10-262299, 521195, 536891, 528434, 461282
Fax: +374-10 521195

History: The Clinics of Esthetic Cosmetology and Advanced Dentistry Medical Centers, “Avanta” , approach to solutions for patients’ complex problems in providing efficient and noticeable results:
The newest laser equipment of cosmetology offices
Wide choice of medical preparations for injections
The preparations for contour plastic
Variety of medical cosmetic lines for the skin care of face and body
Technological availability
Use of the modern and innovative techniques in dentistry
Highly skilled experts at our centers
All this allows us to find the individual means and techniques of medical treatment for the best results of perfect image creation. The experts of our clinics are assured that it is never early nor late to improve your appearance. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of beauty and health services, which include the entire resources of modern cosmetology and advansed dentistry.
Clinic Of Modern Aesthetic Cosmetology “Avanta”

Lila Day Spa & Beauty Salon
Armenia,Yerevan, Pushkin St., Building 40
Telephones: +374-10-539491; +374-93 993373
Fax: +374-10-535714

Abou us: In modern society the good health and perfect outlook are the attributes of success and well being of the individual. Today, with the emergence of SPA, the care of us has changed from simply a useful into a very pleasant task. The positive emotions that the procedures offer improve the spiritual conditions and give a chance to relax and leave everyday problems aside.The health and beauty salon Lila SPA is a new world that is yet to be experienced. Discover this island of comfort and joy, where there are no causal meetings, intrusive looks, face smiles and unwanted words. Here you can experience genuine feelings: this is an island of warmth and caring. The health and beauty salon Lila SPA is a unique salon for women and man. It has converted care of spirit and body into a true art. Today Lila SPA is one of the few salons in Yerevan, where one may spend both a useful and a pleasant day. Our procedures combine into one the most valuable achievements of the past East and contemporary West. The highest quality standards and massage quality, modern procedures and services of the salon, the professional staff, the unique calmness and silence, all these are for the beauty and harmony of your body and soul.The Indian philosophy "Seven Chakras": ayurveda massage, Shirodhara, Abhyang's and Reiki's massage, flavored massage with warm oils, stone therapy, tai massage, honey massage which is accompanied by meditative music and the scented candles remind the sweetest moments of your life.LPG Systems, Futura PRO, Spa Jet the newest appliances of cosmetics, will help you forever to forget about your cellulite, get in shape,get slimmer and refine your composition, they will help you be as you have always dreamed to be. The beauty and youth of your face will be preserved thanks to the French appliance of cryogens "CryoLift", the ultrasound cleaning machine, chemical pilings, face masks: algae, plantomer, rosacea, the excellent seaweed mask, "Myoxy Caviar" with the extract of black roe. The skin of your feet and hands will be pleasantly moisturized after SPA manicure and SPA pedicure, which will pass you the unsurpassable feeling of velvet. Why not to step further towards the beauty of your body and dive in and wrap yourself with the "Chocolate paradise" or with "Grape seasoned perfection", why not accept a glimpse from the endless heat of the sun, which will convert our skin into a miracle.The fashionable and creative haircut and professional makeup will complete your style. You will leave the "Lila SPA" satisfied with the meditative and blessed world in a complete harmony of body and soul. Stay healthy and beautiful.


Services :

Cosmetology and Beauty

* Cosmetology Services
* Electrophoresis with Cosmetic Preparations
* Epilation: Electrical (Electrolysis)
* Epilation: Light (Photoepilation)
* Epilation: Wax
* Face Lifting
* Facial Care with Antistress Masks
* Facial Care with Antiwrinkle Masks
* Facial Care with Deep Skin Moisturizing Masks
* Facial Cryomassage
* Facial Skin Whitening
* Hairdresser Services
* Make-Up
* Make-Up Designer Services
* Make-Up: Permanent

Health-Improving Services

*Health-Improving Services: Anti-Cellulite Massage
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule, Anti-Cellulite
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule, Deep Skin Moisturizing
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule for Improvement of Skin Elasticity
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule, for Toxin Removal
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule, Slimming
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Thermal Blanket for Improvement of Skin Elasticity
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Thermal Blanket, for Toxin Removal
* Health-Improving Services: Body Wrapping in Thermal Blanket, Slimming
* Health-Improving Services: Honey Massage
* Health-Improving Services: Indian Ayurvedic Massage - Abhyanga
* Health-Improving Services: Indian Ayurvedic Massage - Shirodhara
* Health-Improving Services: Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils

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