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SMOCKING Elit Bar-Club
Armenia,Yerevan, Mashtoc St., Building 48
Telephones: +374-10-524795;54 75 83 (For reservations call)
Fax: +374-10-524795
Products: Tobacco and accessories shop,Smocking & Cigar Elit Bar-Club.
About us: Cigarette industry in Armenia is represented by Vardanyans’ family, the founder and the owner of two modern tobacco factories - “International Masis Tabak” and "Grand Tobacco”. Both companies achieved excellent results within just ten years having gained the bulk of the local tobacco market and won the consumers’ recognition. Today Vardanians’ name has become a guarantee of the highest quality.In early December, 2006, the first Armenian specialized complex “Smocking” was set up in the heart of Yerevan for the real connoisseurs of tobacco.The ground floor of the complex is a tobacco store, where a buyer can find about 200 cigar brands, a wide range of pipes made by world-renowned producers, a lot of stylish and high quality accessories for smokers and, of course, the whole assortment of “International Masis Tabak” and “Grand Tobacco” cigarettes.The first floor initiates into the elite bar-club “Smocking” where an ideal atmosphere of relaxation from the daily routine prevails.“We know the sense of tobacco and offer only the best” - this is the motto of the complex “Smocking”, which is open for the visitors seven days a week from 9 a.m. to midnight.
DAVIDOFF Cigar Salon
Armenia,Yerevan, Saryan St., Building 19/21
Telephones: +374-10-581444
Fax: +374-10-581444
Products: Tobacco and accessories shop,Smocking & Cigar salon.


1906 At the beginning of the century, at the time of Zino Davidoff's birth, members of the Davidoff family are known as real "harmandgis",
specialists expert at choosing, cutting and mixing the fine tobaccos of the Orient.
1911 The Davidoff family leaves Russia. Henri Davidoff opens his first tobacco shop in Geneva.         
1925 After leaving school, Zino Davidoff dedicates himself to the tobacco business.
During the next five years he travels in Argentina, Brazil and Cuba, where he devotes himself exclusively to learning about the cultivation and production of tobacco.
1930 Back in Geneva, Zino Davidoff introduced into his father's store what is in Europe a revolutionary facility - a cigar cellar,
the perfect way to store his high quality cigars under optimal climactic conditions.
1946 In a tribute to the great Bordeaux wines, Zino Davidoff creates the remarkable "Chateau" line of cigars,
which attracts widespread attention. People start talking about his "Grand Crus" and everywhere in France his name became a symbol of exclusive enjoyment.         
1970 The Oettinger Group took over the Geneva business of Zino Davidoff.
This is the beginning of the development of the Davidoff name into a world-famous, highly prized global brand.         
1985 A fierce battle began over the copyright of the Davidoff brand, followed by lengthy legal proceedings against brand pirates.
1985 The successful introduction of Davidoff cigarettes.         Davidoff Classic
1991 Dr. Ernst Schneider's decision to use tobacco from the Dominican Republic at first causes surprise:
afficionados are not familiar with Dominican tobacco and the country, too, is relatively unknown.
Dr. Ernst Schneider undertakes a risky venture when he decides to use Dominican tobacco instead of Cuban,
as loyal Davidoff customers enjoy what they know and are wary of change. But quality was what counts and the change opens the door for success worldwide.
1994 Zino Davidoff died, January 14th.
1998 Dr. Ernst Schneider hands over the operative management to Dr. Reto Cina, who gets appointed as the general manager
and chairman of the combine lead, but stays president and delegate of the bord of directors at the top of the company.
2000 Re-opening of the Flagship Davidoff Store in Manhattan, on the corner of Madison Avenue and 54th Street.
Some 100,000 of the finest premium cigars are stored in optimum conditions in the two-storey, walk-in humidor. The interior decoration of the 350 m2 shop combines modern elegance and classical charm in a harmonious way.         Flagship Davidoff Store in Manhattan
2001 Davidoff complements its cigar series with the Davidoff Millennium Blend series, available in four different formats.
The unique new blend was specially composed for lovers of robust, full-flavoured cigars.         
2002 Davidoff's original store, located on Geneva's Rue de Rive and steeped in tradition,
re-opens in new splendour after three months of renovation work. Featuring a surface area of 120 m?,
where Zino Davidoff used to serve his clients personally and competently, a paradise for lovers of refined pleasure has been reborn.         
2006 100 years Zino Davidoff


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