Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Mashtots Ave., Building 50/ See on Map
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Products: Men's Shoes.
History The foundation stone of the Barker brand was laid in a humble cottage in the heart of England's shoe manufacturing industry in 1880, by an enterprising Northamptonshire boot maker. Arthur Barker was a skilled craftsman and natural innovator, whose waterproof peg-sole boots were highly sought after (the pegs would swell when wet and make the sole waterproof). Unable to satisfy increasing demands, he employed other craftsmen in surrounding villages to fulfill his growing order book. With a keen eye on the future and a shrewd sense of timing, Barker invested in factory premises at the turn of the century, later securing contracts to supply the British army with boots during the First World War. Early Barker Workers Throughout the interwar years, the Barker brand went from strength to strength as Arthur's three sons joined the family business, taking the brand into new markets and territories. In 1947, a new factory was built in Earls Barton to house the women's shoe production, and in 1950 the brand established a separate sales company to sell direct to retailers. Why are Barker shoes so good? One thing for sure, it is craftsmen and fine materials that makes good shoes. At Barkers, there is no shortage of either. Our craftspeople produce some 200,000 pairs of hand lasted sewn shoes each year. How do we do it?  In 1986 Barker built a new factory and offices using Northamptonshire local brick and stone. It is now one of the finest footwear factories in Europe and occupies a 4.5 acre landscaped site at the centre of the village of Earls Barton. This site is only a few hundred yards away from the original site of 1880. We are at the heart of the British Shoe Making Industry with a highly skilled local labour pool. Barker Factory Show Room. The factory was designed to make fine English shoes. Each section was custom built to achieve this. For example good natural light is a prime requirement for leather grading, colour matching and consistently good stitching, so the environment was arranged to provide this. Today, Barker continue to manufacture the finest quality shoes which sell throughout the world. And although modern methods of production have been introduced over the years, the same skills, traditions and craftsmanship are very much evident today. In a world where things are constantly changing, it is reassuring that some things will always remain the same.In the 1940s Albert Barker (third generation) was an internationally acknowledged footwear designer. He demonstrated that an insistence on traditional standard need not to be old-fashioned. He backed a pursuit of innovative styling with determined brand promotion, once ploughing three successive years' profits back into advertising. These policies of top quality materials, craftsmanship and distinctive classic design are still carefully maintained.
Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Baghramyan Ave., Building 58 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-202050; 205020
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Products: Women's, men's clothing and accessories.
History An independent family business none or more than 35 years, we have been establishing a high-performance business in a family atmosphere and with an independence that I defend on a daily basis to protect the soul of our company. Independence is a strength that forces us to contend – alone – with ZILLI’s extraordinary development. Our presence in almost 30 countries confirms the international dimension of our creations, and we must pursue this boundless creativity in order to affirm our presence on new markets. The respect for the very high quality of our products, expected by the men we dress, requires us to monitor the manufacturing of our designs.The company brought a new concept and a new vision of elegance by creating – thirty years ahead of its time – a relaxed style in the luxury world: luxury sportswear, which has now been adopted by all of the menswear brands.


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Products: Women's, men's clothing and accessories.
About us: Edelweiss prestige boutique offers best quality clothes and accessory products since 1997. During these long years we have proved our reputation of supreme quality boutique with top-class service. Products of onty best brands are represented at our boutique.
Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Hanrapetutyan Ave., Building 51-53 / See on Map
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Products: Women's clothing.
About us: In 1978, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley presented their first collection under the name “ESCADA – Sporty Elegance.” This event laid the foundation for a new business idea that was as simple as it was successful: the “democratization” of elite haute couture. ESCADA offered: top quality in fabrics, fit and workmanship at affordable prices; sophisticated, imaginative design and extremely comfortable wear; a coordinate system with individual components that were perfectly color-coordinated to allow mixing & matching through several seasons. Margaretha Ley, a former Swedish model, had a solid education in tailoring and ample experience with demanding customers. But she also had an exquisite feel for colors, a devotion to detail, and a sure sense for what many women desired – a feminine elegance that doesn’t shy away from bright contrasts and striking elements. Bold color combinations, opulent embroideries, combinations of patterns, and leopard prints endowed ESCADA’s early creations with a touch of irrepressible joie de vivre. This fashion style was exactly in tune with the extroverted spirit of the 1980s. ESCADA first created spectacular knitwear designs that featured exquisite inlays and appliques on pullovers and jackets. These earned Margaretha Ley the renowned international Mohair Council for Excellence in Design award, and were soon followed by cleverly elaborate leather prints that became all the rage with both merchants and customers. The collections kept getting larger, and the designer team grew with them. Twelve different fashion themes per season, each based on a wide range of different fabrics, were designed to ensure a diversity of styles for individual markets. By this point, the most sought-after Italian and French textiles manufacturers and silk printing companies were working for ESCADA. And weaving and spinning mills as well as Europe’s most innovative printers were developing proprietary threads, fabrics and ESCADA colors for the company. With her very feminine, breathtakingly glamorous cocktail and evening fashions, ESCADA created the distinctive look that has shaped the brand image. The ESCADA collection soon included not only a very exclusive couture line but also an extensive range of accessories such as shoes, bags, small leather accessories and costume jewelry. The most beautiful supermodels, such as Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder, Paulina Porizkova, Nadja Auer-mann and Rachel Zimmermann, presented the world of ESCADA in elaborately designed catalogs and ad campaigns, and film stars and other celebrities were frequently seen wearing ESCADA. After Margaretha Ley’s death in 1992, Brian Rennie was appointed as creative director in 1994. Rennie managed the rejuvenation of the brand and its adaptation to the more low-key look of the 1990s, also by launching the ESCADA SPORT line. The brand regained its power with a colorful and sensual “New Elegance” feel as a playful expression of joie de vivre. In 1998, Hollywood Star Kim Basinger accepted her Oscar in a pistachio-colored satin gown by ESCADA Couture, reconfirming the brand’s international high-class image. Today ESCADA has interpreted its brand values in a new, updated way: cool glamour, sensual femininity and modern elegance are the hallmarks of the ESCADA brand line. ESCADA stands for fashion dressing women appropriately for every occasion. The brand offers a lifestyle concept filled with everything from must-have everyday items for business and leisure to red carpet occasions. The ESCADA woman is naturally drawn to the limelight and loves a feminine and glamorous yet fresh, modern style. The ESCADA SPORT line today represents understated chic, metropolitan allure, and cool femininity. The brand line creates casual fashion for sexy, dynamic women with a youthful spirit who love an easy, uncomplicated chic. The collection offers items that can be mixed and matched and worn from day to night.

Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Abovyan Str., Building 26 / See on Map
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Products: Women's wear.

History: In September 1915, Max Lindeman opened his first store selling stockings in the heart of Berlin, Germany. The Etam brand was born...
These modern, synthetic stockings were a success due to their popularity with women starting to go out to work. In 1924, the company moved into run-proof lingerie, which enjoyed the same success as stockings.
1928 Opening of the first Etam store in Paris at 376, rue Saint-Honore
1963 Creation of ready-to-wear line Etam Pret-a-Porter
1983 Launch of the 1.2.3 brand
1990 International expansion (Spain, Italy, Middle East etc...)
1995 Opening of the first sales outlet in China
1997 Listing on the Second Marche of the Paris Bourse
2001 Opening of the Cite de la Femme flagship store at 73, rue de Rivoli
2006 Etam enters the Indian market
2007 Launch of the Undiz brand

Etam and innovation

As a true forerunner in both products and retail models, the Etam Group has always placed innovation at the heart of its concerns. Overview of major innovations.

1916 Etam is the first lingerie retail chain in Europe
1964 Etam begins to use cotton in its lingerie
1965 Etam develops what comes to be known as permanent automatic restocking, a "just-in-time" supply technique allowing for supply to be adjusted permanently to customer demand
1970 Etam launches the first bras on hangers
1975 Etam Lingerie is the first brand to use jersey in its nightwear
1981 The first folded briefs are sold in a presentation box in France
1985 Etam creates the seamless bra

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