Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Abovyan St., Building 22 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-585579
Fax: +374-10-202554
Email: info@bdgroup.am
Products: Children's Clothing and accessories.
Webpage: http://okaidi.com ; http://www.bdgroup.am

About us : Okaidi, a Brand that is universal, creative and respects each child.The Okaidi brand is officially launched with100 stores and 440 employees. Its target : a brand for children ages 0 to 14 that is modern, universal, and accessible to all and respects the ideas and identity of every child in the world.

Shops in Yerevan
Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Hyusisain Ave., Building 5 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-99-587477
Email: gant.armenia@yahoo.com
Products: Trade in women's, men's clothing and accessories.
Webpage: http://www.gant.com

History It all started as one man's vision: To create the perfect "Oxford Cloth" button-down shirt. This has helped to give Gant a place in fashion history. Bernard Gant, originally coming from Ukraine, moved in 1914 to New York with the desire to pursue "The American dream."He started his work in fashion and clothing humbly. Initially he worked only as a seamstress, where his primary task was to sew shirts. It was here he met his wife, who worked for the same company. After 1 World War II began Bernard Gant, in collaboration with his wife and one less partner to produce their own shirts with an emphasis on quality and detail. They supply their products to major retailers, including to Brooks Brothers.In 1927 it was decided, however, to move the company to New Haven, Connecticut. Gants special characteristics, it was clear "G", which was usually embroidered into gants quality shirts. Many customers took the time after that "G" - actually this characteristic incredibly popular among the American people. After 2 World War II was ongoing increased demand on the gants shirts dramatically. People were tired of going to the stiff war uniforms and would love to have this replaced with something more relaxed, but at the same time quality clothing. This helped Bernard gants sons, Elliot and Marty, to comply. It was only here that the idea of starting their own fire occurred.In 1949 it was decided therefore to change the popular brand "G", with their own brand, Gant. In the past, Monday sold its products through several retail businesses, but now it became publicly known that the "G" had their own brand, namely, Gant.The first shirts experienced a huge success among the American people. Brand was initially very sporty, but still quality and fashionable. This decreased especially in good soil of the many sports universities which belonged to Ivy League.Demand for products gants exploded thereafter - as did the special East Coast style that Gant has always identified itself with. In 1951, when television got its big breakthrough in America, could fashion trends suddenly spread with an incredible speed. The interest in sports activities also rose very sharply, especially for American football, tennis and basketball. This Gant positively affected, since their product is so turned to the sports activists.This success was however Gant from the East Coast to develop their style further. Button-down shirts and "Rugger" collection, which is English-inspired, was then popular in America. Even today, Gant is still part of the permanent component of the American wardrobe.In 1960 John F. Kennedy was elected as America's youngest president ever. He was born and raised in Boston, educated at Harvard University and had a great holiday at Cape Cod. He was a perfect example of East Coast-style, as Gant, and most of America, could easily identify. By this time, Gant sold over most of America.

Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Abovyan St., Building 26 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-544623
Fax: +374-10-534000
Products: Women's, men's and children's clothing and accessories
Webpage: http://www.mexx.com

History In the 1970's fashion designer Rattan Chadha supplied clothes for department and wholesale stores in the Netherlands specifically designed and labelled for the stores. Revamping his business in 1980 he created two popular clothing brands - "Moustache" for men and "Emanuelle" for women. Both labels have coordinated collections whose identities focus on lifestyle and youth fashion. In 1986 the two brand names were merged to form: M (from Moustache) + E (from Emanuelle) + XX (an abbreviation for "kiss kiss" ) to create MEXX.In 1990 Mexx launched a new line - Mexx Kids, followed in 1996 by Babymexx.Over time, Mexx has grown to become an international brand with stores in over 65 countries. It has grown rapidly and is now an internationally prominent company, employing over 6000 people worldwide.In 2001, Mexx was bought by the U.S. fashion company Liz Claiborne for $264 million.Mexx entered the U.S. market in September 2003 with a New York City store located on 5th Avenue in a former Liz Claiborne flagship location.At one time, the company had eleven stores in the U.S. The company closed seven of them in 2006 and in February 2007 announced the closing of the remaining four by fall. As of June 2007 the SoHo location closed and by late fall of 2007, that space gained acquisition by Tommy Hilfiger's denim division - Hilfiger Denim.And in September 2007, the 5th Avenue store closed down, making Mexx a thing of the past in America. Mexx's sister store, Juicy Couture was originally slated to open in the spring of 2008.But due to delays in construction, it opened in the winter of 2008.Simply, Mexx couldn't keep up with its competition of other well-known, higher-end, trendy European-chains such as Zara and H&M, and simultaneously some American favorites in the U.S.In 2006, Mexx only made a profit-margin of 10 million, which couldn't cover the rent in its established locations.Most of the earnings were made from its former flagship in New York, ultimately following up to its closing the following year.

Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Hyusisain Ave., 6/15 Building / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-532234
Fax: +374-10-532234
Products: Women's, men's and children's shoes.
Webpage: http://geox.com

About as: The group was born in the 90s, thanks to the inventiveness and determination of its founder, the Geox group operates in the footwear and garment sectors. Its mission Is to diffuse innovation, especially when it comes to creating technological solutions that ensure breathability and impermeability. Geox, creates, produces, promotes and distributes innovative, patented products all over the world. It operates In the men, women and children classic, casual, sports and fashion sectors.
Strong points of the company are.
• the unwavering focus on its Italian products, style and technology;
• the transfer of acquired know-how to other, complementary product types;
• the qualitative and quantitative development of Its international sales-network.
These have all led to incredible success for Geox.
The Group relies on its Italian-based leadership* and is the world's third-largest 'casual' lifestyle sector operator.
The Geox brand name comes from the Greek word geo {i.e. Earth), on which we all walk, and the letter x, which stands for the technology element.
The origin of the Geox name speaks of the deep-rooted calling of a company born out of a revolutionary idea which has made comfort, well-being and health its corporate bastions.

baby Dior
Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Nalbandyan St., Building 13 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-565266
Fax: +374-10-565266
Products: Trade in children's clothing and footwear.
Webpage: http://www.dior.com

History The history of the house of Dior starts in 1946 when Christian Dior, after having worked as dress designer for the couturier Lucien Lelong during World War II, is invited by his childhood friend Marcel Boussac to help him to revive Philippe et Gaston, a struggling clothing company owned by Boussac. During their meetings Christian Dior tells him about his theory that the post war public was ready for a new style; a luxurious new look with a sumptuous silhouette and billowing skirts.With a then-unprecedented budget of 60 million french francs they launch the Christian Dior Fashion House that is finally inaugurated at the town mansion at 30, Avenue Montaigne in Paris, decorated in Dior’s favourite colours of white and grey, on the 16th of December of 1946.The Christian Dior Fashion House employs 90 people for its three ateliers, including the Italian Pierre Cardin as Head of the Suit Atelier. Jacques Rouet is appointed Managing Director.1967 The “Baby Dior” line is created and the first Baby Dior Boutique is opened at 28, Avenue Montaigne in Paris. The Baby Dior Boutique is inaugurated by H.S.H Princess Grace of Monaco.1997 On the 19th of November 1997, Baby Dior celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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