Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Mashtotsi Ave., Building 23 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-533111 shop, +374-10-544777
Fax: +374-10-533111
Products: Women's, men's clothing and accessories.
History Dino Bigioni began his adventure in the footwear trade by setting up a factory in the early 1960s for the manufacture of high-quality men's shoes. For the first ten years he sold his shoes on the national market only, but his participation to trade fairs in Italy and abroad soon brought him international recognition. Thanks to an increasing reputation for quality and a wise company management, Dino Bigioni made his way into the international marketplace, achieving successful results even in the most difficult situations. Today, Dino Bigioni is a brand that is equally esteemed in Russia, China, the Middle East, America, Africa and Europe. The company's two prestigious showrooms in Moscow and Chicago are an important reference for the latest trends in men's fashion. Dino Bigioni's Italian style is also on display in the flag-stores opened in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Bucharest, Warsaw, Bratislava, Prague and Johannesburg. Even though the company's capacity has notably expanded, reaching an annual output of 120,000 pairs, its founder's mission still remains: the production of “handmade'’ footwear, based on a completely in-house production cycle, the careful selection of materials and the greatest attention to detail.
Pal Zileri
History In the story of every great company there is an ideal that makes it unique. For Pal Zileri that ideal is quality: the distinguishing mark of all their actions, their competitive edge, and the basis for every investment. Dedication to this mission, together with experience, personal skills and knowledge of the market and the product are the secrets of a success that, since 1970 to date, has made Pal Zileri a world leader in the sector of menswear.
History Like many of the small companies in the San Mauro Pascoli area on Italy's Adriatic coast, Baldinini dates from 1910, a period when many itinerant businesses moved into permanent premises.In those years the Baldinini family opened its first workshop with an adjoining sales outlet.This laid the foundations for what was to become,in the space of a few decades, a flourishing small business producing fashion footwear.Over two generations, it established and consolidatedan invaluable tradition, and the rkshop, whichoriginally crafted only made-to-measure products,thrived, extending its market from the local areato encompass all of Italy.In 1970 the baton was passed to Gimmi Baldinini,who represents the family's third generation.The ambitious expansion programs implemented under his stewardship have made the Baldinini name known roughout the world.A turning point in the company's evolution came when a new emphasis was injected into Baldinini footwear and the designs took on a fashion profile.The first shoes to bear the Baldinini name were timeless designs that required extensive manual input.The first important milestone was in 1974.This year is fixed in the company memory as theyear of the mule, a shoe that was a stunning success and is still remembered today because so many were made - 500 pairs a day, each one completely made
by hand.
Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, North ave., Building 8/1 / See on Map | st. Babajanyan, Building 4/12 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-561951;561943
Fax: +374-10-623438
Products: Men's & women's leather clothing, footwear and accessories.
Webpage: ;

About us: Bata is one of the world's leading footwear retailer and manufacturer with operations across 5 continents managed by 4 regional commercial business units (CBUs). The MBU approach provides quality resources and support in key areas to the companies operating in similar markets such as product development, sourcing or marketing support. Each MBU is entrepreneurial in nature, and can quickly adapt to changes in the market place and seize potential growth opportunities. Bata's strength lies in its worldwide presence. While local companies are self-governing, each one benefits from its link to the international organization for back-office systems, product innovations and sourcing. Although Bata operates in a wide variety of markets, climates and buying power Bata companies share the same leadership points. Two important ones are product concept development and constant improvement of business processes in order to offer customers great value and the best possible service.

"RIO Galleria" The best brands officially under the same roof
Armenia,Yerevan,Hyusisain Ave., 8 (shop) / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-501801
Fax: +374-10-501801
Products: Women's, men's, children's clothing and accessories.
Other Shops
Rio multi-brand store: Addresses: Armenia,Yerevan,Moskovyan st. 28 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-524220
Gianfranco Ferre, Rio store: Addresses: Armenia,Yerevan,Sayat-Nova st. 8 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-519510

About us: Being a gallery for greatest works of art, the store chain Rio is called upon to present collections from first class houses of fashion all around the world. From the first day of its existence Rio has been the official representative for world famous fashion brands. Rio Galleria, founded in April 20 2011 in Northern Avenue 8, is at present at the head of Rio stores chain.
While walking about around Rio you feel like you are in a small city where each district is different from the other but at the same time all of them are connected through the unity of architectural solutions. Taking into consideration the fact that Rio Galleria includes wide variety of trends from worldwide fashion houses the customers of our shops vary from teenagers to adults and middle aged men and women. Here we present the widest collection of everyday and evening clothes. Boutiques are organized in two dimensions, the first ones presenting everyday casual outwear, the second ones classical evening clothes. Each boutique presenting one or the other trend is designed according to peculiarities of that peculiar dimension. And at the end, to summarize all the differences and common things in one, a certain Italian brand was chosen to unite them under the same roof.  Before the opening Rio invited Francesco Dessi, the person who worked as a visual merchandising manager for Rinachsente stores in Milano to train sales consultants how to serve customers, how to choose appropriate  clothes taking into consideration customer’s appearance. Last year he visited Rio for the second time to finish the trainings. In addition, at the beginning of each fashion season representatives of world famous fashion brands come to present the main ideas of their collection.  As Narine Melkunyan the manager for Rio is saying: “It is of outmost importance for us as to make sure that after visiting our shop once the customer wishes to come back again, the atmosphere shouldn’t be constrained and formal, the customer should feel comfortable. For this reason we added bar, for the husbands to sit and have rest while their wives are making their purchases. It is worth mentioning that this is a common thing all around the world. I may say that we have succeeded in giving the best service as the number of our customers is increasing daily”.
As customary in the world, collections are renewed each season, and spring-summer and autumn-winter collections appear just in time.
Soon a new shop will open in Yerevan, where Rio will present new brands like Adolfo Dominguez, the other shop will be called Rio Sport, where such brands as Bikkenbergs Sport, EA7, Porsche Design Sport, Ralph Lauren, and also Armani Jeans with wider variety will be presented.
Trust me, skilled consultants will meet you and become your guide in the wonderful city of fashion called Rio Galleria.

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