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FURNITURE,Interior Design of Residential Premises

History The story of Thomasville began in Thomasville, North Carolina, in 1904. At the time, we offered just one product – a chair. The “Thomasville Chair” it was called. The chair was so beautifully crafted and well made that people responded by asking us to create other pieces as well. Now more than 100 years later, the Thomasville story is still being written. And now part of our story is helping you tell yours – with home furnishings, accessories and cabinetry that allow you to express yourself through your home.

1903 The Wright brothers pioneer air travel with the first recorded flight at Kitty Hawk, NC.
1907 Brothers T.J. and C.F. Finch assume ownership of Thomasville Chair, beginning a century of dynamic leadership, expanding facilities, upgrading machinery, and high quality products for the home.
1920's Thomasville leverages a booming 1925 economy and hires the industry's first sales force to market to metropolitan audiences on the East Coast and in the Midwest. The company places new emphasis on style and makes decorating easier with the first-ever line of "complete suites" of furniture.
1930's Many of the nation's most memorable skyscrapers the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller are completed.
1930's Despite falling furniture sales and prices caused by the Great Depression,Thomasville maintains workers' hourly wages and continues production, stockpiling furniture for the future.
1940's With more than 25 percent of the workforce off to war, in 1942, the first women enter Thomasville factories.Creatively seeking out government contracts, Thomasville manufactures everything from rolling pins to special plywood for planes.
1947 Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier to become the first black professional baseball player.
1950's Thomasville fuels peacetime prosperity by focusing on fashion and quality innovation. New and mixedspecies of woods and a broadened array of styles give choices to consumers tastes.
1952 Young people dance along with Dick Clark's "American Bandstand".
1969 Neil Armstrong takes one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind during the Apollo moon landing.
1980's Thomasville’s new "gallery" concept presents furniture in fully accessorized, whole-room settings to help customers more easily visualize the furnishings in their own home.
1995 The "internet" is officially defined and evolved to have a huge influence on consumer products,with companies scrambling to gain a presence on "the Web."
2003 Home improvement and home decorating shows gain increased viewership.
2009 Through personal services and a vast array of high-quality fashionable products for the whole home, Thomasville brings its customer's love of classics to life—piece by piece, room by room. More than 400 leading independent retail furniture stores feature Thomasville galleries. Over 160 Thomasville HomeFurnishing stores are dedicated solely to Thomasville products. For more than 100 years, the Thomasville logo has remained an assurance of quality for the home.

History Henredon was founded in Morganton, North Carolina in 1945 by four men determined to build furniture of custom quality. The initial product line consisted of just three chests. It has since mushroomed into hundreds of beautiful wood and upholstery designs for every room. While new manufacturing techniques are used you will still find that there is a considerable amount of hand and detail work performed on each piece. In these days of mass production a Henredon item will truly be unique. Henredon has always taken a leadership role in designing and manufacturing some of the finest furnishings available. Our success is based on the talent and effort of the individuals that work for Henredon. Today, among people of discriminating taste, the name Henredon represents the best America has to offer.
Francesco Molon
History Started in 1966 by Francesco Molon with the reproduction of European antiques- the company today, with over 100 artisans highly skilled in painting, marquetry, and gold leaf application are able to replicate age-old techniques sought-after by high-end designers and clients worldwide. Manufacturing four distinct, elegant collections; 18th Century, New Empire, Italian and French Country and a truly exquisite Executive line, Francesco Molon has built an internationally recognized reputation as a premier manufacturer of fine furniture in the marketplace today. With new showrooms opening within the last eight years, Francesco Molon is committed to expanding our distribution globally. 1998 brought the opening in High Point, North Carolina, 2000 - the opening in Moscow and 2004 - the opening of the St. Petersburg showroom.
Francesco Molon's furniture is world renowned for its historic correctness, ageless beauty, and timeless heirloom appeal.
American Drew
History Founded in 1927, American Drew is a well-established, leading manufacturer of medium to upper-medium priced bedroom, dining room and occasional furniture.American Drew's product collections cover a broad variety of style categories including traditional, transitional and contemporary. Our collections range from the legendary 18th Century traditional "Cherry Grove", celebrating its 42nd year of success, to the extremely popular "Bob Mackie Home Collection", influenced by the world-renowned fashion designer, Bob Mackie. "Jessica McClintock Home - The Romance Collection" debuted in October 2000 with 50 uniquely designed pieces of bedroom, dining room and occasional furniture. Fashion designer Jessica McClintock is known for her romantic formalwear and now the designer has extended that look with a home furnishings collection.American Drew's headquarters are located in High Point, North Carolina. Our products are distributed through thousands of independently owned retailers throughout the United States and Canada and around the world.
History For almost 30 years Maitland-Smith has been in the business of creating exquisite and unique decorative accessories, lighting and accent furniture. Our design roots, however, go much deeper. Antiques from 17th and 18th Century England have always played an important role early in our history; inspiring designs that captured the appearance and quality of the originals. Over time, however, we have found that our designs have evolved and today incorporate style, materials and methods found in many other parts of the world.Today Maitland-smith is an industry leader well known for its world-class quality and innovative design. Our areas of expertise include metal casting, finely executed porcelains, sophisticated finishing techniques, detailed hand painting, beautiful inlaid marquetry and the finest hand carved woodwork. Leather, penshell and eggshell are just a few of the multitude of materials that are used to create Maitland-Smith treasures. At Maitland-Smith, we take great pride in the quality of our materials and the highly skilled artisans who fashion these unique pieces each year in our company-owned workshops. Our main office and showroom are located in High Point, North Carolina, where our design, marketing, sales and administrative staff are located.
Drexel Heritage

History Drexel Heritage Furniture Industries, Inc., based in High Point, North Carolina, ranks among the top furniture manufacturers in the world, particularly regarding size and volume. For over 100 years, we've manufactured fine furniture with a reputation for exceptional styling and quality craftsmanship. With more than 1,300 employees working in specialized manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Drexel Heritage also relies on the worldwide manufacturing expertise of parent company Furniture Brands International. This enables us to provide unique designs and unsurpassed value to every customer. Throughout each product line, Drexel Heritage distinguishes itself by offering furnishings leading the industry in quality, fashion and styling.Drexel Heritage began on November 10, 1903 when five enterprising men from Morganton, North Carolina started a small furniture factory. Built on a tract of land where the wagon track crossed the railroad, it became known as Drexel. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the area had an abundance of virgin timber including chestnut, oak, poplar, maple and walnut. Within three years, the 26,600-square-foot plant had 30 employees and average production was 50 pieces of furniture per week. The first product of their labor was a solid-oak, three-piece suite including a bureau, washstand and bed. It cost $14.50 wholesale. Today, the company's combined manufacturing and distribution facilities total 2.3 million square feet.During the 1930s, as a result of the Depression, Drexel Heritage recognized the need to move away from commodity furniture toward designing home furnishings to appeal to its customers. A 13-person sales force was established and the first furniture designers were brought on board. In 1937, Drexel became the first furniture manufacturer to advertise in national magazines.Throughout World War II, all Drexel plants remained open. Wartime production included 50,000 government desks, 15 million tent stakes and millions of square feet of marine plywood for boats. About 4,000 bedroom suites were made for government housing at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The piece that prompted the most company pride was a custom desk created for General Douglas Macarthur.In 1956, Drexel acquired the successful Heritage Furniture Company from High Point, North Carolina, which was founded in 1932 by Elliott Wood. The two companies operated as separate divisions until 1974, when Drexel Enterprises and Heritage Furniture Company became Drexel Heritage.Today, Drexel Heritage Furniture Industries, Inc. is one of the largest residential furniture manufacturers in the country. Our close association with parent company Furniture Brands International assures the finest craftsmanship, designs and diverse expressions of style at a wide range of price points.With two distinctive brands, Drexel and Heritage, Drexel Heritage Furniture Industries, Inc. offers one of the broadest assortment of wood and upholstered furniture in the industry. For 100 years, we have been defining superior craftsmanship and quality, and we'll continue to do just that as we head into our next century.

Why Baker? Baker Furniture speaks the language of style. Not satisfied to be of the moment, the company works to be of the movement, in the role of taste maker and innovator rather than a follower at the whim of fashion. The accent is on product - through Design, Materials, Craftsmanship, and Finish. At the beginning, a craftsman named Siebe Baker worked with his hands. Later, the success of his sturdy furniture allowed his son, Hollis Baker, to study at university, travel the Old World, and hone the eye of a collector. Today these two thoughts, the eye and the hand, remain the cornerstone of Baker Furniture. For our customers, they mean a sense of integrity and the promise of things chosen well rather than often. Good design lies at the heart of fine furniture. For Baker, that means a great collection assembled literally one item at a time. Baker builds furniture from more periods, styles, and international influences than any other maker. Whether a best of kind reproduction or an original from a celebrated designer, each item contributes to a sensibility that is uniquely Baker. Yet the company also selects each item for its own merit. With careful attention to scale, proportion, and ornamental detail, the line develops a rare sense of appropriateness. The result is furniture thought tempting today and timeless tomorrow.
The Baker Design Legacy displays a complete history of notable design throughout the decades.
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