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Armenia,Yerevan, Northern Ave., Building 5 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-500400
Fax: +374-10-500400
Products: Women's, men's Jewelry and watch trade.
About as The luxury market nowadays enjoys high popularity and is one of most fascinating directions in business overall. We have established "Chronograph" in 2009 to represent and serve world famous watches and jewellery brands in the market and to make the boutique number one selling destination in Armenia. Our company's strategy is to build brand image and brand equity through marketing, to sell highest quality products and achieve customers' full satisfaction. To gain this we have launched a unique hi-end boutique, recruited young, enthusiastic and professional staff and chosen the best collections of the partner brands. We have invested not only finance, but spirit and character, thus aiming to be the No. 1 in the market.
History Vliernier was founded in 1984 in Valenza as a jeweller's workshop.In 2001 Carlo Tragiio became President of Vliernier. His objective was to develop the company while maintaining its histoiy and tradition supported by highly skilled craftsmen who have mastered all the technical secrets to perfection.Each piece of jewellery is unique, hand-made, and influenced in its form by trends in modern and contemporary art. The bracelets are strips of gold which open at the wrist, as if by magic, to unexpectedly reveal precious gemstones. The Disco line, which plays with light and reflections, draws on an ancient pictorial tradition for these effects: the game of mirrors. The Animalier collection of brooches are unique sculptures highly sought after by collectors all over the world. The rings, with soft and sinuous lines, evoke the volumes of the futurist movement. Essentiality of form can Ik found in the Calla line: fused cones of gold, diamonds and ebony.The first Vliernier boutique was opened in Milan in 2002, in via Santo Spirito M. followed in 2003 by another in one of Italy's most fashionable locations. Capri, in via Camerelle 8. In 2006, two more boutiques were launched, the first in Geneva, in Place Longemalle 19, and the second in St. Morilz. with "Four Emotions", a space within the Palace Gal trie in via Serlas devoted to Italian luxury products. Since autumn 2007, Vliernier has been present in Paris at that most famous of luxury locations. 63 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore; in Rome on tbe historic jewellers' street. Via del Babuino 105, and in Moscow with a corner inside the elegant CUM Department Stores.The 2008 has been the L'SA year. Vhernier opened two stores in Beverly Hills and Miami.Vliernier is distributed by the best jewellers in the world. In the United States it can hi found in the famous Saks Fifth Avenue department store in New York. San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago, Mclean. Boca Raton: and in Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and Dallas.
History The company was started at the end of the 1970s from the creativity and vision of Rinaldo and from the intuition of his wife Martha. A journey marked by the passion for design and artisan attention to details is what characterizes the production of the first jewelry pieces, and which to this day is keeping the Company constantly at the forefront in the field of high-level jewelry.Gavello is a young and dynamic organizational knit, constantly attentive to the research and the development of quality production and of trends, where often it is a leader I its own sector. Today the future is therefore clear.Rinaldo Gavello creates jewelry with the vision and the passion of an artist of another era. If he had been able to choose the age an the method in which to give life to his creativity, he probably would have chosen to be a modernist, an automobile designer of the Thirties or perhaps even one of the futurists who brought the movement and the roar of machines to the art of the 20th century.His jewels have the technological precision of the workings of a motor but at the same time they are modelled on the human body according to the fluid canons of ergonomics. The unmistakable tri-dimensionality and movement of the forms together with an ultra-sophisticated running of gold mesh, interspersed with the colors of the rarest gems; these are the characteristics of the Gavello jewels.Industrial design, architecture, and automotive planning are the background that is the major source of inspiration for Rinaldo Gavello.Every object is a microcosm of precise planning and great artisan ability: the technological aspect is for Gavello an essential component of beauty. The jewel is not an aesthetic and decorative experience; it is beauty that becomes functionality it is a plastic form that adheres to the human body, following its movements, almost becoming a part of it.
About us After fifty-years Bonato has decided to invest in a complete and dynamic communication and marketing project creating a new brand and new collections: The corporate restyling concerns graphic design, communication and manufacture, highlighting five key concepts that define the new company: STILE CONTEMPORANEO – ELEGANZA – GLAMOUR – FASHION - TRADIZIONE
The Communication aligned with a Contemporary Style composes the accurate perception of the Brand, as the Manufacture where culture and novelty are mixed together in this new look, coherently with the history and philosophy that had characterized the Brand in the past.As time goes on, Elegance will always be of mode and of stylish taste.Glamourous material combinations bestows esteem to the jewels design.Milan – The Fashion capital, where creations are the new distinctive identities.Tradition - Fifty years of experience and research, setting jewels and granting wishes.These keywords, in line with the marketing plan, highlight the fashion trend of the future collections that will be shown in the most important International fair trades: Vicenzaoro, Baselworld, JA show New York, JCK show Las Vegas e Hong Kong.In order to support the product  the 2010 communications will anticipate a persuading advertisement campaign  on the main international magazines.
History Since the eponymous jewelry line in 2000, Marco Bicego  has redefined the phrase "everyday luxury," with sensuous and beautiful jewelry that blends Old World Italian craftsmanship and passion. A gifted artisan from a family of goldsmith's, Marco Bicego  possesses an innate sense of what women desire from fashion: uniquely crafted items that are exceptional enough to make a statement, yet personal enough to wear day in and day out. Positioning the brand between the rarefied world of precious jewelry and the accessibility of luxury accessories is Marco Bicego's mission.Marco Bicego has a variety of collections that represent his signature aesthetic. Known for his unique "guitar string" coils, dynamic use of colored gemstones and hand-engraving, the jewelry can be youthful and stylish or elegant and classical, but always evocative of the Vicentino artisan.Combining the past with style, Marco Bicego created the "guitar string" coils in early 2000 as a spin-off from his father's vintage omega necklaces. His early collections include Madagascar and Santorini, which dance and play on the skin. In early 2002, this line evolved to include the successful twisted gold Marrakech collection; a look inspired by the customs of North African tribes. This year, Marco Bicego further complimented this group with the flattened Goa coil and the exotic Dune collection. Easily worn, the Marco Bicego coil is timeless.Marco Bicego is dedicated to sophisticated, youthful women who see Marco Bicego as a luxurious self-purchase. In Bicego's words, "She is a universal woman of style and confidence; she enjoys the luxury of travel and fine food, appreciates art, history, and fine design. She has no specific age or place, but is a woman who wears creationns that flatter her heart and soul, finding luxury in her everyday world and experiences..." --Marco Bicego
History Nouuelle Bague was founded in 1976 in Florence.Pfter thirty years of success in the international marhets, Nouvelle Bague strenghtens herself entering the Oit Group wich already includes three noteujorthy companies such as Stefan Holner, lo Si and Porrafci.The Dit Group originates from the desire of Mr. Taiuhid Abdullah and Mrs. Ilaria furlotti of creating a group that gathers design excellence and made in Italy in order to face at best the marhet expansion.This partnership alloujs Nouvelle Bague to adopt neuj and more appropriate marheting strategies, together with sinergies that will permit the company to face the competition in the best way and to consolidate its marhet share.
History Since its inception ten years ago, Rebecca has taken every market by storm. Alessandro Testi, created the Rebecca collection by utilizing a proprietary 18-karat gold plating process, semiprecious gems and innovative designs. Rebecca created the world wide phenomenon of Italian fashion Jewelry.Rebecca stands alone in this fast paced world of fashion by introducing over 500 new jewelry designs every year, keeping assortments fresh and following current trends. Manufactured in Italy, the Rebecca brand is the internationally renowned trend setter for high-end fashion jewelry.
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