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L' Orange GOLD
Armenia,Yerevan,Abovyan Ave., Building 11-54 / See on Map
Telephones: shop: +374-10-525711
Products: Women's, men's Jewelery Store.

About Us: Located on one of the historic and yet extremely modern streets at the very center of downtown Yerevan “L’Orange Gold” is a warm and inviting boutique where one senses luxury even from outside. The store opened in August 2008. The idea of the store was born when the jewelry and accessories stands at the cafes became so popular that the caf?-network decided to develop the brand in the direction of a separate jewelry store. Just like the other venues of “L’Orange” network the boutique stands out for its unique design and style. The store carries elegant jewelry from such world famous brands as are Luca Carati, Antonini, Gebruder Schaffrath, Giorgio Visconti. And for those who can’t find just exactly what they want the store keeps catalogues of hundreds of more unique pieces that could be ordered and received in short periods of time, just in time for an unforgettable  anniversary or a sweet sixteenth Birthday for your beloved daughter.
History In 1980 Carlo Crocco created the Hublot watch featuring a gold case and natural rubberstrap. For the first time in the history of watchmaking, a precious material – gold – wascombined with rubber.The porthole-shaped watch case combining polished and brushed gold, the minimalist black dial, and the distinctive black natural rubber strap came to symbolise Hublot watches.Members of royal families were immediately enthusiastic about Hublot, and were soonfollowed by numerous celebrities the world over. Carlo Crocco had taken a risk, but in just a few years Hublot watches joined the elite of leading watchmaking brands. Under the leadership of its new CEO, Hublot revisited its founding principles: Jean-Claude Biver relaunched the “The Art of Fusion” concept - this meant the fusion of unusual materials such as gold and ceramic, tantalum and red gold, or even magnesium and titanium. This also applied to the fusion between the Swiss Watchmaking Tradition and 21st century Watchmaking Art.In less than a year, Jean-Claude Biver met the challenge of setting up a new collection. The Big Bang chronograph was already widely acclaimed and rewarded with several international prizes.
History A mechanical watch, created in the spirit of the traditional watchmaker's art, is not just a combination of components and gearwheels; in its complexity, it is a testimonial to one or more generations of watchmakers. The mechanical watch is a mark of man's dreams and efforts. It is also tangible evidence of man's extraordinary creativity, his unique capacity for invention.This evidence, this testimonial is handed down from one generation to the next, often from a father to his son. Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches have a soul. The initial decision to enter the promising watchmaking trade was Jehan-Jacques Blancpain’s. He perceived perhaps more clearly than others the advantages which this new activity offered. There is little doubt that by 1735, for instance, the first floor of his house in the village of Villeret, still standing today, served as a watchmaking workshop. The venture owed its rapid rise to success at least in part to its generous policy with respect to apprenticeships. Jehan-Jacques and his successors always saw it as their duty to pass on their craft know-how to the next generation. Many specialists were predicting the death of the mechanical watch due to the arrival of quartz. The traditional watchmaker’s art and know-how was rapidly falling into decline, and as the former Blancpain workshops in Villeret had been taken over by Omega, the two men decided to relocate Blancpain wherever craft traditions were still vigorously upheld. They finally settled on the Vall?e de Joux, in the Jura mountain range of western Switzerland, a centre of fine watchmaking since the mid-1700s and today still the birthplace of 90% of all high-end mechanical complications.Since Blancpain appeals to culture lovers, Blancpain are necessarily dealing with a sensitive public. Only people in that milieu recognize each other as fellow members, sometimes through a Blancpain watch, which can be a sign, a language, or an act of humility and simplicity.
History Luca Carati was founded in 1989 in Valenx, Italy’s jewelry capital.  It was born from the union between a young and dynamic sales management and partners with 30 years professional experience in craftsmanship and finest material acquisition. Present and future meet synergistically and reach their highest artistic expression in the creation of Luca Carati jewellery. Luca Carati boasts the elegance and sophistication of its jewelry pieces - necklaces, earrings, chains, rings of all the shapes and forms make you fall in love with them.
History The new Giorgio Visconti collection merges together exceptional classy value thanks to intrinsic and cultural characteristics. A collection dreamed about, thought about and highly eclectic. It is not an exaggeration defining Giorgio Visconti’s jewels as artistic creations, but the exceptional quality of their materials. These materials, such as diamonds and precious stones, propose a creativity that, sometimes, recalls the artistic movements such as the liberty of the Art Nuveau. There is no plagiarism, but, on the contrary, there is a reassessment that makes any jewel a unique and strongly communicating artwork. This is the way the artistic jewels by Giorgio Visconti are created.
History Founded in Milan in 1919 Maison Antonini very soon becomes a must have of the Italian aristocracy. After the Second World War the brand represents timeless elegance throughout the world. Alongside the Italian market, the roads to the United States and Japan opened up, and the name Antonini becomes a success of the “Made in Italy.” In 1996 Antonini wins the “Diamond International Award” with the Queen of the Night world-wide acclaimed “piece unique.” Antonini is available at the best jewelry stores in the world.
Gebrüder Schaffrath
History 15. January 1923 The brothers Adam and Alois Schaffrath lay the foundations of the Gebruder Schaffrath company and get down to work with six diamond cutters. The small company makes a name for itself in the following years with diamonds with an outstandingly good cut and exact graduation.1929 ? 1936 Gebruder Schaffrath acquires customers at home and abroad with whose help the company manages to survive these economically difficult times. The number of employees rises to 60.1941 - 1945 The business closes down during World War 2 but the cutting workshop is badly damaged by bombs.1946 Germany lies in ruins. Like many others, Gebruder Schaffrath starts the rebuilding process. The good reputation the company had earned at home and abroad before the war secures orders from America and Belgium.1950 ? 1959 Business recovers. Due to the high demand, up to 400 diamond cutters work for Gebruder Schaffrath at times in workshops from Hanau to Idar-Oberstein.1960 The "Knighthood": as one of only six selected companies in Germany, Gebruder Schaffrath is permitted for the first time to buy its raw materials directly from diamond monopolist De Beers.1969 A new generation sets itself new goals: Gebruder Schaffrath designs and produces its own jewellery collection for the first time.1987 Far-sighted investment policy pays off. The company now stands on two strong pillars: diamond cutting and jewellery manufacture.1998 Gebruder Schaffrath moves into the 4th generation of family ownership.2001 Interim highlight of the cooperation with DTC: the Trilogy jewellery series. Gebruder Schaffrath, a reliable and fair partner of specialized retailers for over 75 years, is voted diamond jewellery supplier of the year.2002 Gebruder Schaffrath surprises with the Liberte®-Principle and the new Arcana Collection. For the very first time a manufacturer succeeds in making a diamond float freely in its setting. Only now is the unique fire of the diamond fully set ablaze.2003 A Idea goes around the world. The Liberte®-Jewellery pieces are available in 16 countries on the globe.The Lumina Collection is born. The Liberte® -Series has now a collection without an arch.2005 Gebruder Schaffrath creates the Vendetta Collection, which is inspired by the lovestory of Romeo and Julliet.
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