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Armenia,Yerevan Nikoghayos Tigranyan St., Building 16 (head office); Davit Anhaghti St., Building 7 (kitchen furniture shop); Davit Anhaghti St., Building 9 (upholstered furniture shop)
Telephones: head office: +374-10-285414; kitchen furniture shop: +374-10-288491; upholstered furniture shop: +374-10-284488
Fax: +374-10-287447;544010

Sofa sets, Dining rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Kitchen utensils and accessories, Chandeliers, Lamps, Lighting elements

About As The company Niko & Nice was founded in 1994. From the first day of its foundation the company had the following goal - to supply Armenian market with high quality and beautiful furniture, imported from the countries traditionally considered to be the trendsetters in the world of furniture.
Presently the basic activity lines of the company are:

  • Furniture and lighting elements importation
  • Interior design and furnishing
  • Carpets and rugs importation
  • Kitchen utensils and accessories importation

In the course of the company's formation we showed ourselves as the best supplier for the whole Armenian region. We are furnishing the finest houses and apartments. According to our concept FURNITURE is not a mere comfortable furnishing of your house but it's one of the Art trends. Our showrooms are visited not only by buyers but also by those people who are enthusiastic to admire and to get pleasure from the contemplation of the magnificence. With us you can make a reality of the most daring dream associated with the interior design of your house. We have all the most excellent of what could offer the remarkable European furniture manufacturers. Irreproachable taste, impeccable handwork and the spirit taken up into the furniture by the greatest masters of the Old World - these are the 3 components of our success. However we do not restrict ourselves with the present achievements. Our nearest goal is to increase the volume of imported goods. Currently we are working over the construction of our fifth furniture showroom.
Niko & Nice - furniture for your heart

History Been founded in 1973, Canella Furniture beginning its activity manufacturing classic furniture of high range for home. In this market is where, thanks to the combination of the traditional methods of production and advanced technical processes and facilities, it has been able to won the prestige that follows Canella.
This ability to maintain fused both production styles and the approaches of quality imposed for the products of Canella, they have determined the important evolution that the company has maintained along the years in such a competitive market in which operates.At the moment, canella develops complete furniture facilities for high decoration. Many of their clients, satisfied with the quality and design of their furniture, demand integral facilities from the level to which are accustomed, and canella has made of this demand its challenge.This way, thanks to the capacity to design and to manufacture necessary pieces to make reality a projects demanded for clients, Canella, with their high standing furniture, enriched with marquetry and noble veneer as well as appropriate finishes for use of such materials, makes reality the exigencies most varied and unusual that their clients demands in any place of the world.

History An Austrian track record The beginning of what is ORION today goes back to 1948. From the modest beginnings of a commercial agency, ORION soon started its own production and has grown to a position of an internationally accepted leading manufacturer of high- quality lighting fixtures regardless which style.Bright passion Light influences our mood, adds colour and should go with furnishing. We would like to assist you with finding the right lighting – from prestigious chandeliers to modern lamps.More than 50 years lighting experience We have satisfied numerous customers and settled projects of every dimension successfully. Experience, you really benefit from.Biggest choice, best advice With a total of 15,000 sqm sales floor and more than 20,000 lighting products we provide all kinds of lighting fixtures regardless of which style. We offer a wide range and variety of innovative chandeliers and lighting fixtures – professional advice included.Quality for highest demands Our certified hand-made original products are characterised by premium material, professional workmanship, our special surface refinement and longevity.Appealing design ORION implements individual lighting concepts by co-operating with architects as well as interior designers. The character of the object and the environment is taken into account . Many drafts of our designers are the results of being inspired by our customers all over the world.Lighting fixtures of every size and quantity We produce exclusive commercial lightings as remittance work and are in the position to deliver high quantities. We are absolutely open-minded about special requests – accepted with great pleasure.Delivery within the agreed time Our central warehouse, computerised logistics and exceptional co-operation with foreign business associates enable us to guarantee the reliability and punctuality of the consignments. Worldwide - in more than 100 countries.Spare part- guarantee You will definitely rejoice in ORION lightings because they are durable quality products and we honestly assure you of the availability of spare parts for decades.ORION lighting – popular worldwide Products generated from ORION refurbish apartments and villas as well as big, famous commercial buildings. Worldwide.

History Elegance and Passion have always been our first choice. Starting with grandpa Gino, his son Mauro, up to the youngest generation with Alberto andMaurizio, the company has always been growing since 1929. It turned from a small handcraft lab at the side of a small town into a big Industrial Group.Creativity and passion together with a strict method are the ingredients chosen by our entire production department, which is located in Tuscany, Italy.The Nieri Group plans, produces and distributes upholstered furniture and accessories all over the world. Its production units use the most advanced mechanical and electrical devices to implement the whole production system.The R&D department helps to create and implement strategies and programs, always according to market trends and to quality certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 1400.

History For us in Carpanelli, as a firm and a family, the value of memory is a reference point to start out from every day. We would also like to stress that value and memory, as distinct concepts, always take us back to origins in a past which generates, at least in our case, a future. Because it helps us in creating something new.
We are more and more convinced in this day and age of the importance of building on solid foundations.Carpanelli's foundations have deep and far away roots: Carpanelli has been an exclusive craftsmen's workshop since 1919.The sense of the proposals Carpanelli has been devising for over 80 years is all here in the deep meaning of the terms.Because back in those years the firm's founder Giuseppe Carpanelli, a well-known cabinet maker of his times, created and produced in his workshop unique, unmistakable pieces which have traced a path down to today's products.And it is from the heart and sensitiveness of an artist like Professor Leopoldo Carpanelli that every piece of our production is created.He takes his ideas from nature, from his studies and his love of art which he then transforms into a project.Thus he is the author of an exclusive, unique work of art which will create a fashion: the torch bearer of the firm's future, the architect Giuseppe Carpanelli is now enthusiastically starting his collaboration with this "school of talent".All the pieces coming out of our "Workshop" - a splendid term, so often misused, and yet so genuine and redolent of "hard work" - have our trademark carved into their souls: a signature which is not only an identification mark but is also an authentic final decoration.And this is why recognition and certificates on an institutional level have been accumulated over the years tracing the winning posts of a unanimously declared success: because the taste for and the love of beautiful things, understood as a manifestation of art and culture, have never found any imitations at Carpanelli. Just the opposite. We love challenges, particulars thrill us, harmonious compositions fascinate us and we develop them everywhere. Even in our trademark.

History The firm Gasperini s.r.l., founded 40 years old ago, and located in the centre of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa, produces there its precious furniture.Gasperini s.r.l., also being a modern firm in step with the, remains faithful to the traditions of a high handicraft. An accuracy thath expresses itself in the choice of the materials, woods and valuable brairs, in the manifacture, through bendings and inlays, in the care with wich tha furniture is designed and realized. A choice of a unique style that has been confirmed by the success reached. A goal of great importance for this firm and for all those who believe in it, choosing a forniture piece that embraces its philosophy.Our furniture is realized in solid wood with massive wooden frame and curved multi-layer wood.All inlay is in natural wood as Myrtle, Olived ash briar, Walnut feather, Palissander with bois de rose and maple borders.All carving is only hand made, by our old artisans, metal decorations gilded 24 K and with special protection.All our items are produced using materials according UNI 6478and DIN 68705 rules.The lacquering is done with natural water colurs, Polyurethane and Nitro paints corresponding to CEE 67-548 standards.
History Three generations of entrepreneurs and managers who, from 1950 to date, were driven by the very same principles and by the same innovating spirit. A spirit which has been able to evolve through time, in unison with the change in consumer requirements and with market developments.The founder generation was that of Cav. Pietro Tamburini who, in the immediate post-war period, started marketing raw materials destined for the production of paints. The Fifties recorded a great boost for the company, that with courage and effort managed to reach the current level.On May 14, 1962, thanks to the dedication and professionalism of Dr. Alessandrina Tamburini,  “Colorificio San Marco Spa.” was founded In 1963 the company moved to the more modern plant in Marcon (VE), starting what was to be the second phase of its history, characterised by a precise development choice: to be present not only on the Italian market but also world-wide. The marketing of raw materials was abandoned and the specific core business activities turned to the production of paints and varnishes.A continuous growth of the Colorificio San Marco was recorded in the Seventies and Eighties: the company started specialising in the retail and building sector. During these years, Dr. Tamburini’s son, Dr. Federico Geremia, also began being active in the business. The early Eighties recorded the start of large commercial projects, while the solid bases of a strong sales network were cast, backed by an excellent financial liquidity. This self-financing capability was the cornerstone of the progressive growth of the latter years.The Nineties saw Dr. Geremia’s increased responsibility in the company, beginning the third phase in the history of Colorificio San Marco. The changeover of top-level Management marked a profound renewal of the company; the objectives set himself by Dr. Geremia – currently General Manager – proved to be winning ones:
History MORETTI COMPACT was founded in the early 1970s by Angelo and Gisfredo Moretti, mainly creating double bedroom and lounge suites for export markets. Towards the middle of the 1970s, anticipating domestic market trends, design became orientated exclusively towards the area of children's bedroom suites. After a decade or so of devising and manufacturing state-of.the-art solutions, Gisfredo Moretti, who had become the sole manager of the company, began to enter new market sectors, making the most of newly introduced technologies and the typical designs of the period. Yet another development occurred at the start of the 1990s, when a new generation of Morettis joined the company, as well as other valid staff members, experimenting innovative solutions combining design and practical use. Current production, in compliance with international safety laws, supported by technological and computer-based development, never seen before, reflects new furnishing concepts in its shapes and colours, taking MORETTI COMPACT into the Third Millennium as a leading company in the children's furnishing industry. The manufacturing set-up currently numbers 16 production plants, for a total of more than 40,000 sq m of indoor space and a staff of 200.

The Berloni group is made up of sixteen businesses that operate in different sectors and are divided into three units: Home, Office and Refrigeration.Constant growth and the need to optimise synergies have led to the creation of a single control centre. This is Berloni Holding, established in 2001, and conceived as an industrial holding company managed by Antonio Berloni. All strategic and managerial functions are concentrated within it and the sixteen companies are organised on an operational level. Each one of them shares and conveys the values of the group: openness towards the world, attention to people and the quality of their lives, the drive towards innovation and research. The Home unit corresponds to Berloni S.p.A., a company which, for more than four decades, has been a reference brand both on the Italian and international markets in the modular kitchens sector, and which nowadays specialises in the manufacture and marketing of furnishing solutions for the entire house, modular systems for daytime and night-time areas, with a wide range of wardrobes, beds, kid bedrooms, living rooms, armchairs, sofas and fittings.The Office unit specialises in designing and producing storage wall systems, dividing units and office furniture: Iterby, the unit’s reference company, is one of the main Italian businesses in the sector and boasts prestigious companies from the national economic scene amongst its customers.

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