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"RIO Galleria" The best brands officially under the same roof
Shops in Yerevan
Armenia,Yerevan,Hyusisain Ave., 8 (shop) / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-501801
Fax: +374-10-501801
Products: Women's, men's, children's clothing and accessories.
Other Shops
Rio multi-brand store: Addresses: Armenia,Yerevan,Moskovyan st. 28 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-524220
Gianfranco Ferre, Rio store: Addresses: Armenia,Yerevan,Sayat-Nova st. 8 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-519510

About us: Being a gallery for greatest works of art, the store chain Rio is called upon to present collections from first class houses of fashion all around the world. From the first day of its existence Rio has been the official representative for world famous fashion brands. Rio Galleria, founded in April 20 2011 in Northern Avenue 8, is at present at the head of Rio stores chain.
While walking about around Rio you feel like you are in a small city where each district is different from the other but at the same time all of them are connected through the unity of architectural solutions. Taking into consideration the fact that Rio Galleria includes wide variety of trends from worldwide fashion houses the customers of our shops vary from teenagers to adults and middle aged men and women. Here we present the widest collection of everyday and evening clothes. Boutiques are organized in two dimensions, the first ones presenting everyday casual outwear, the second ones classical evening clothes. Each boutique presenting one or the other trend is designed according to peculiarities of that peculiar dimension. And at the end, to summarize all the differences and common things in one, a certain Italian brand was chosen to unite them under the same roof.  Before the opening Rio invited Francesco Dessi, the person who worked as a visual merchandising manager for Rinachsente stores in Milano to train sales consultants how to serve customers, how to choose appropriate  clothes taking into consideration customer’s appearance. Last year he visited Rio for the second time to finish the trainings. In addition, at the beginning of each fashion season representatives of world famous fashion brands come to present the main ideas of their collection.  As Narine Melkunyan the manager for Rio is saying: “It is of outmost importance for us as to make sure that after visiting our shop once the customer wishes to come back again, the atmosphere shouldn’t be constrained and formal, the customer should feel comfortable. For this reason we added bar, for the husbands to sit and have rest while their wives are making their purchases. It is worth mentioning that this is a common thing all around the world. I may say that we have succeeded in giving the best service as the number of our customers is increasing daily”.
As customary in the world, collections are renewed each season, and spring-summer and autumn-winter collections appear just in time.
Soon a new shop will open in Yerevan, where Rio will present new brands like Adolfo Dominguez, the other shop will be called Rio Sport, where such brands as Bikkenbergs Sport, EA7, Porsche Design Sport, Ralph Lauren, and also Armani Jeans with wider variety will be presented.
Trust me, skilled consultants will meet you and become your guide in the wonderful city of fashion called Rio Galleria.


Giorgio Armani
History Armani is one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Real experts will recognize this brand from the first sight. Giorgio Armani made minimalism the main principle in his work. Armani style has three golden rules; elegance, comfort and nothing excessive. The history of Armani fashion house is the story of one designer who climbed up to the top of fashion industry in 60-70 in the wake of sexuality in fashion.
Armani Collezioni
History Armani Collezioni is the famous branch of Armani house of fashion founded in 1979. It has its mean place between first class sector branch of Armani house Giorgio Armani, Armani Prive and youth branch of it Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans. It is set for middle aged adult people who are prefer classical and perfectly cut dresses to changing seasonal fashion.
AJ Aarmani Jeans
History Armani Jeans is another branch in Gorgio Armani empire, which was founded in 1981 and every season is presenting wonderful collection of clothes made of denim.
History Emporio Armani 7 or EA7 is the result of successful cooperation between Giorgio Armani fashion house and Reebok International Ltd company. This branch is combining up-to-date sports' technologies from Reebok and perfect style of one of the world greatest designers. The combination of produceability and sportiness peculiar to Reebok shoes and outwear and  dynamism of EA& collections is creating alligation of wonderful style of the world famous designer and funcnionality of  sports clothes and shoes.

Gianfranco Ferre՛
History Gianfranco Ferre is a french designer that is considered to be the “fashion architect”. Getting a diploma in architecture at the technical university of Milano, in 1970 he started working as a women accessories designer. In 1978 he presented his first individual collection for women and as a result of the giddy success of his collection he was invited to work for Christian Dior fashion house. Ferre’s creations were considered to be the best works done under the name of Christian Dior. In every dress and in each accessory one could feel the Dior touch. But in 1997 he stopped working for Dior and decided to continue his work in Ferre fashion house. Then on white shirts have become his visit card, as one can find them in all his collections.  
GF Ferre՛
History All over the world GF Ferre is associated with cultivated taste and perfect style. Italians have had call for pure beauty since ancient times and even at present they understand beauty better than any other nation. Gianfranco Ferre was born in the international capital of fashion, in Milano. In 1978 he presented his first collection for women and four years later he presented his second collection for men. Both of them were a great success.
Ralph Lauren
History Ralp Lauren is an american designer and businessman who was conferred “The fashin legend” title by the US Degigners ligue. In 1967 he founded his Polo Ralph Lauren company and already in 1968 released his first pret-a-porte collection for men. Starting from 1971 Lauren started over the creation of new branch specified  specialized in women's clothing on women. In addition to clothes Ralph Lsuren produces accessories for interior, perfumery and goods for animals.
Roberto Cavalli
History Roberto Cavalli entered the world of fashion in 1960s, the period that is known as the turning point in the history of fashion. Thanks to his unique character and temperament he managed to combine classical viewpoint and new understanding of music, arts and fashion and as a result created a unique style peculiar typical only to him. He took the leather previously used only in sports coats and remanufactured it making leather an extra soft material that can be used for making clothes for any occasion. He doesn’t like to be called a designer; he prefers to be referred to as a painter of fashion. “I adore women, all women”,-he says. It is true, women play a great role in his life and the biggest part belongs to his wife, former Miss Universe. She helps and inspires him in his creations.
Class Roberto Cavalli
History Class Roberto Cavalli outwear line is the embodiment of femininity and style. Fabrics depicting skin of different animals, light blouses can beautify the wordrobe of any woman. His clothes are wild, sexual and feminine.  Class Roberto Cavalli can be described by naturality and elegancy peculiar to casual wear style. This is a new type of elegancy that is created through geometrical shapes but at the same time is depicting the beauty of female body.
Versace Collection
History Versace is one of the biggets fashion houses in the world. The brand was founded in 1978 and has become a huge company with more than 2000 staff working all over the world. It is hard to imagine any red carpet ceremony without one or two clothes from Versace.  Gianni Versace is the person who created the term super model and made women living in different parts of the world adore the image of jellyfish depicted on the logo of his company. After Versace’s tragical death his sister Donatella Versace became the head of the company. She managed to change the style of Versace fashion house but at the same time remained faithful to excessive luxury.
Versace Jeans
History Versace Jeans is one of the branches of Versace fashion house. Nowadays it is comfortable and up-to-date outwear aimed mainly to satisfy the needs of youth. This branch offeres high quality jeans and classical shirts with Gianni Versace emblem on them. It is worth mentioning that these clothes are rather affordable.
John Richmond
History One can describe John Richmond’s style with words “To destroy, confuse and break accepted rules”. World discovered John Richmond through his famous leather coat, which appeared in one of George Michael’s video clips called “Faith” in 1987. This is when John started producing three different lines of outwear at the same time John by Richmond, Richmond X and Richmond Denim: Richmond X pret-a-porter could be distinguished by the unnatural cut of dresses, unconventional fabrics and high quality. The other constituent part of Richmond’s philosophy was “street art” and as a result it served as an inspiration for his next branch Richmond Denim.
History Moncler french brand nowadays is famous as a high quality outwear producing company. As a matter of fact this company has been protecting different people from whims of nature and weather. The history of Moncler Company started in 1952 after creating overcoats for skiers and mountaineers. Parallel to the development of fashion Moncler turned to producing everyday coats and proved that stylish down-padded coats also can be of great interest to customers and can become a part of person’s basic outwear. If you see a perfect down-padded coat, that is comfortable and beautiful at the same time, then make sure to find a small image of a cock on its sleeve. Don’t you even doubt it is the symbol of Moncler fashion house.
History Galliano is one of the most beautiful brands in the world. It sprang into the world of fashion in 1984 and immediately became a leader in its field. Unusual ideas and creations like two sided jackets brought fame and authority to the company. Among John Galliano’s clothes one can always find things where incompatibles are combined
Just Cavalli
History Roberto Cavalli will always be remembered for the following acheavement in the field of fashion: he invented the patchwork technology , he proved that leather can be used not only to make coats but also for creating wonderful evening dresses, he developed a new laser printing technique and finally he was first who introduced colors of African sun and tropical forests into the world of fashion. Both businesswomen and teenagers choose Roberto Cavalli brand, the latter ones preferring outwear from Just Cavalli youth branch.
History In 1996 Dirk Bikkenbergs released a collection under his own name which he simply called Bikkenbergs. The main reasons for starting a new production was to create a collection of simple and affordable outwear. The new Bikkenbergs line inherited all the best traits of Dirk Bikkenberg Company. Men’s shoes collection includes trendy sport’s shoes, jeans style shoes and everyday elegant sandals. Bikkenberg women’s shoes are as dynamic and trendy as men’s shoes. Bikkenberg Junior line has the same traits as the previous two branches: shoes are of high quality, colorful, mighty and complete.
Gran Sasso
History Gran Sasso has been the leader in the field of clothes made of natural textile all over the world for more than fivty years. Spring-summer collections are made of silk, cotton, whereas autumn-winter collections are made of merinos and high quality wool of alpaco. All strings are recycled in Gran Sasso workshops which belong to the company. The clothes produced by Gran Sasso are soft and comfortable for everyday use.
History Ballin is a high quality elegant italian brand of women shoes. The history of trendy shoes starts at the second half of last century, when Ballin brothers started producing shoes putting stress not only on hight quality of shoes but incredible beauty of shoes and accessories as well. The goods produced by Ballini brothers are called “Expensive shoes”.
History Rossi  brand was founded in 1987 as a continuation and a step forward for the company founded in 1976 and specializing in hand made shoes and accessories. The company was founded in one of the shoes producing districts of Marce region; a place where work and hand made arts in shoe manufacturing were going hand in hand. The shoe masters don’t refuse and fold down old shoe making traditions and as a result vehicles and hand work create incredible works of art.  
Valentino Orlandi
History Valentino Orlandi has been famous for its masterpieces starting from 1974. The company is mastering in shoe and handbag production. Elegant luzury, leather and fur resycling unique technologies and wonderful style are the consistuent parts of this company.
Porsche Design
History At present Porsche Design company is one of leading companies producing first class accessories. The company is cooperating with German Adidas and Sweedish Eterna watchmaking companies.
Porsche Design was founded by professor Ferdinand Alexander  Porsche in 1972. “If the design philosophy is as ideal as ours, then there is no need to restrict oneself with road and sports cars. We set our thrive for perfection to other fields: as a result we have a huge collection of unique products; we are producing outwear, accessories, watches, sports equipment and souvenirs, goods that unite perfect quality, revolutionary design and classical elegancy by Porsche”. As a matter of fact Porsche watches inherited their traits from cars; in both cases extra light, but solid materials are used, and in both cases elegancy and functionality is of outmost importance. In 1979s Porsche Design Company used titan in watch production presenting extra light samples of watches with visible clock face on black background.
Allesandro Oteri
History Allesandro Oteri Italian shoes brand is very famous among women all around the world. One can never mix up Allesandro Otteri navy blue soles with words Otteri and “Made in Italy” printed on them. Another peculiar mark of the company is silk bows, which either put the stress on the color of shoes or with their glaring colors can be seen long before you approach them.
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