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Armenia,Yerevan, Mashtoc St., Building 48/77
Telephones: +374-10-541748
Fax: +374-10-500404

Products: Cutlery,Cooking,Living,Bar & Wine,Coffee & Tea,Coffee machines,Theme,Design

About Us In 1853, Daniel Straub, a miller from Geislingen, joined forces with the Schweizer Brothers to form the "Metallwarenfabrik Straub & Schweizer" in Geislingen. This was the second company to be founded by Straub - previously in 1850, from the nucleus of a small repair workshop, which he had set up to work on the construction of Geislingen's famous railway incline, he had founded the Maschinenfabrik Geislingen. This company was involved mainly in manufacturing mill turbines and traded throughout Europe.As early as 1862, the young company distinguished itself by winning a gold medal at the World Exhibition in London. In 1866, following the departure of the brothers Louis and Friedrich Schweizer, the company was renamed "Straub & Sohn" (Straub & Son). The company showroom, built in 1868 in Berlin, gradually evolved to become the company's first retail outlet. Three years later, the company was already employing 60 workers. By 1880, the number of employees had grown to approximately 200 and the company was already producing 960 different items.WMF celebrates its 150th birthday. WMF has grown from the small plaqué factory, Straub & Schweizer, into an international organisation with 5,500 employees. Even in times of economic difficulty WMF has maintained its position with flexibility, and far-sighted business decisions, which have not been without risk. As a modern design conscious business the organisation is well equipped for the future.

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