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Adresses: Armenia, 0033, Yerevan, Abovyan St., Building 26 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-10-588976
Fax: +374-10-588976
Products: Women's clothing and accessories.

History In 1973, JACQUES NATAF creates and throws what will become the Sinéquanone group.Until 1996, what is still only a firm, puts his development together from creation and from manufacture of products mode. Produced mainly distributed to multimarks and wholesalers of epoch. A circuit already at the height of its reactivity and creativity.It is in the course of the same year of 1996, that LAURENCE BENAT, current Artistic Head chooses to join the firm. His objective: initiate beside his CEO, JACQUES NATAF, an important change of cape - pass of producer's logic to that of a building of full mark - and finally speed up the development of today's mark SINEQUANONE.This day, this mark counts 227 points of sale with sign in the world. It is distributed across 700 multimarks and represented across about twenty show-rooms abroad The condtion Sinéquanone.
A particular writing...
Some conception of womanhood...
Sinequanone defines itself as a mark of mode, urban, modern and accessible, more in being than in appearance, fashion intended for a rare, true, surprising and deep, temperamental and consistent, unique and numerous and living woman and in life!
Far from the ostentatious precepts of the " fashion victim ", inspired by codes of chic and by elegance, Sinéquanone does not draw a stereotypic woman, but issues to the women stocks which live in them: womanhood, elegance, pace and modernity.Adhering to these stocks, the woman Sinequanone will remain therefore 99 % herself, mark being only a revealing of personality.Sinequanone contacts all so those, without discrimination of age nor of means, who do not like to become identified with other one, with model or ideal, but want to show themselves far from show-off and diktats of fashion themselves.Fed on tendencies and on the air of time, Sinequanone issues across the collections the own writing, and brings individual answers and always collusive to those who make their womanhood and their will to be themselves the unique ingredients of a modern elegance and of a new refinement.The woman Sinequanone is the age old which she wants, that of her head-butts or blows of her blows of heart, she has elegance to be itself.

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