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Telephones: shop: +374-10-586000, +374-10-516100; shop: +374-10-53546
Fax: +374-10-586000
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History Within the very nature of Alfieri & St.John there has always been the pleasure of surprise. A surprise that fascinates and shows itself with a versatile personality and an unmistakable style, able to perceive and anticipate fashions, to transform them into a precious and luminous object that makes you fall in love and excites you. Thanks to this fascinating creative vitality, the Alfieri & St.John brand has known how to conquer a prestigious role in the area of the jewellery craft, responding to, as no-one else, the profound desire of the demanding modern woman that loves to change and to wear unique jewellery of an exclusive personality.From the Alfieri & St.John creations an absolutely unique style emerges, in which the forms, solutions and originality always find an extraordinary and surprising way of being represented. It is the new that is re-born every day, that transforms itself and develops itself through up-to-date collections, and intriguing and distinct creative lines: surprising in the design, fascinating in the materials used and for the talent within the craft. This is the Alfieri & St.John style: “a style that proposes new styles”, that introduces diverse collections, different price ranges and instant-proposal. A creative energy that everyday offers the client all that which is fashionable and all that which jewellery craft can offer at that moment. A vitality of proposals that few other brands can boast.
History Three words that describe the Calgaro project. Formed prophetically early in the year 2000 with the intention of amazing the international jewelry world. Thanks to a far-reaching, creative and experimental idea. For Calgaro has translated the jewel and the concept of adornment with a different dictionary, letting go of the formal ideas of the goldsmiths' trade to flow through a universe of metamorphic objects in progress, that are to be felt against the skin. Calgaro is a unique symbol that goes beyond tradition, that doesn't end with the ritual of the jewel. It exalts beauty to take part in woman's dreams and daily life. It plays with all five senses, favoring the eye without neglecting touch or emotion. Calgaro is a thought in transformation that speaks the language of style because of its versatility and its ability to change and reinvent itself. Exploring solutions and interpretations borrowed from the dizzying world of fashion.An inauguration in grand style, made noteworthy by the presentation of two Golden Virtuosi: International Jewellery Design Awards. Because Calgaro, at the beginning of its existence has already received two "Oscars" - an award given by the World Gold Council to promote gold jewelry. Begun as a collaboration with two pioneering artists to create two unique pieces utilizing 18 kt threads. The first award was an Award of Excellence - Premio Bulgari given for the originality and superb execution of the special creation bearing the name of Kyoung-Sun Moon. The second Gold Virtuosi was awarded for the hand-knitted "Bustier" designed by Calgaro and Viola Erario.
History Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Etruscans, in what is present-day Tuscany, created the most beautiful gold metalwork of the ancient world. Today, Italy remains the leader in the transformation of that precious metal into masterpieces of design and craftsmanship.It was in the great tradition of the master Italian goldsmith that Adriano Chimento established a design and production studio for fine designer 18K gold and diamond jewelry in 1964 in Vicenza, Italy. CHIMENTO has since grown into a successful jewelry manufacturer with a global presence in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Today, CHIMENTO S.P.A. has a 70,000 square foot design and production studio in Vicenza, a small town in Italy known as the gold capital of the world. Master goldsmiths and jewelers combine old-world handcrafting with state-of-the-art processes like electroforming and microfusion to produce a collection unique in style and finish. The production studio has over 140 skilled employees, some of which manually create each piece of jewelry by hand. Our jewelry provides the customer with beauty, security, versatility, and reversibility.The CHIMENTO jewelry line has a unique distinctiveness. In addition to quality and hand craftsmanship, CHIMENTO holds over 100 patents on its various designs and technological processes. The timeless designs are available in  yellow, white and pink gold, with or without diamonds.
History The   Gauttieri   family,   who   lived   for generations in the enchanted and seductive world  of gold and precious stones, acquired a noble experience in the creation of first rate jewellery. Federico Gauttieri, heir of this antique passion, travels all over the world and in 1994 he decides to start the adventure of Casato.Assisted by a talented creative team, he immediately fixed an important goal for the company: to communicate a personal and innovative trend quality and creativity are the pillars through which Casato gains a rapid fame in the country of "La dolce vita".Soon the brand exceeds the borders and gains a huge international clientele.
History in 1 924 with great passion and skill, Enrico Grassi Damianl began designing and producing diamond jewelry so beautiful and elegant that his fame as a master goldsmith was soon established. Tiny works of art so impressive, that noble families entrusted him with the prestigious role of personal jeweller.His son, Damiano Grassi Damiani, continued the family tradition with great creativity and strong entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on design and promoting technical Innovations.The Damiani family in its third generation Is still looking at the future with passion, creativity, and commitment. Today, Damiani enjoys success all over the world as Italy's leading luxury jewelry brand respecting the highest artesian traditions and elegance of the Made In Italy style.A Damiani jewel stands out for its design and for the quality of its gems, for its superb manufacturing technique and for the emotions that each creation is able to arouse in the giver and in the recipient alike. Every single piece, ranging from classic to modern style, typifies the artistic talent of the goldsmiths who skilfully crafted the jewels, filling their work with passion, monitoring each single production phase, selecting the best stones and focusing on details.The jewels embody the evolution of taste through time, retaining an unmistakable style that represents Italian manufacturing worldwide through the achievement of unparalleled results.The Damiani Group has won 18 Diamonds International Awards " the equivalent of the International Jewellery Design Academy Awards - winning the title for best diamond jewellery 18 times, outshining thousands of competitors selected around the world with the outstanding quality of its design and manufacturing technique.The record has remained unparalleled. The Calderoni brand, which was recently acquired by the Group, has also won four Diamonds International Awards. Damianis sophisticated and elegant jewels are very popular, and celebrities like Isabella Rossellini, Brad Pitt, Nastassja Kinski, Chiara Mastroianni, Milla Jovovich, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone, have been working together with Damiani over the years. Today, Damiani numbers the most important Hollywood stars, princes and prime ministers among its best customers.
History Meticulous technical and aesthetic research is conducted at the Orlandini Atelier in discovering new and innovative ways to create with gold, a material that never ceases to reveal its infinite possibilities as an expressive medium for the designer. These innovative techniques arc expressed in new collections that arc classic in style so as to out-live rapidly changing fashions.Our objective is to transform gold, a solid metal, into wearable golden fabrics, which drape over the skin and give a soft, silk­like sensation.This objective is translated into harmonious forms that accent the natural beauty within every woman.The most important characteristic of our collections is the luminosity obtained by the meticulous labor of hand forming, giving the gold a gem-like quality, capturing and reflecting light from its many small surfaces, resulting in jewelry created by experienced hands without interventions by machines.Each piece in the Orlandini collections is cither a one of a kind piece or is a limited production of cither 10 or 100 pieces per country. Л Certificate of Authenticity signed by the designer attests to this fact and accompanies each piece.
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