Dear Partner thank you in advance for spending your time on getting to know our offer. Hope this will be the first step on building our mutually beneficial cooperation. Hope you have already studied the section “About Us” attached to the “Offer”.


This offer is immediately directed to the organizations in Armenia representing  international brands. We offer You to take part in a project implementation of which is directly connected with your interest towards publicly and accurately demonstrating international brands in Armenia.

Our cooperation will consist of 2 phases




During the so called INITIAL PHASE of our cooperation which will last for a month, you will stay away from any financial liability  and in the future you will not bear responsibility.

In this phase of cooperation offers`

a.) To supply us with photo gallery (5 photos) reflecting interior of the shop-salon.

b.) To supply us with Photo gallery displaying images of 5 clothes and 10 accessories represented in the shop salon together with verbal information.

c.) To create summarized page describing the shop salon. There will be complete information about shop salon particularly its contact details including location address, Tel number, Fax, webpage, e-mail address.


“Development Phase” will last as per contract terms and dates. Mutual liabilities of parities are also stated in the contract.

In this phase of cooperation - offers

Owing to the works of professional photographers create photo gallery representing the whole range of collection of the shop salon according to the points included in the contract.

For example;


It lasts for 6 months and includes

Photo gallery of  40 types of clothes and accessories

բ) Information on the products namely price quotation, link to the shop salon representing the clothes and accessories, registering code of the product in the salon

Within 6 months you get an opportunity to update, renew or replace 10 products of 40.

Hope, flexible price policy and effective commercial steps of will create mutually beneficial cooperative field.

In the Development Phase shop salon gets opportunity to insert information relating sales in the separate section of the site.

The group of professionals do their best to keep the information of updated and to be able to make operative changes in the website.

Thank you for reading our offer

If you are interested in our project, we are ready to share with you all the necessary description on our project. We are ready to answer to your questions, listen to your remarks and suggestions.

You may send us e-mails to:

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